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General Questions

Where can I find the mileage reimbursement policy and/or forms?

What additional documentation do I need to submit with my mileage reimbursement form?

How long do I have to submit my mileage reimbursement?

Calculating Mileage

What is Internal Audit's guidance on mileage calculation?

What are examples in which miles greater than normal commute should be used?

What are examples in which actual miles should be used?

What if I have to return to work after my normal work day is over for a meeting or other business purposes?

I am going to a conference or meeting in- or out-of-town during a normal work week. I will not be going into work the days I am at the conference or meeting. I will be returning home each day. How do I account for the mileage?

How do I account for mileage if I need to go to the airport for an out-of-state conference or an overnight/multiple nights trip in a different town?

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