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APS Internal Audit Department
Division of the Superintendent

Educational Services
Center 1
15701 E. 1st Ave.
Suite 217
Aurora, CO 80011
Fax 303-326-1283
Peter Doan
 Internal Auditor
Cindy Snyder
 Internal Audit Tech

Report Fraud & Abuse

Report Fraud, Waste, Abuse and Employee Issues with SilentWhistle

SilentWhistle allows APS employees to anonymously report any fraud, waste, abuse or employee issues they may notice in the workplace.


  • To go online to report fraud, waste, abuse or employee issues in APS, visit the SilentWhistle Secure Landing page at  aps.silentwhistle.com.
  • Employees may also call the toll-free SilentWhistle hotline at  1-877-874‑8416.


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